Seeking nominations for PGDG Cohort 2018

This is our fifth annual call for PGDG nominations. Started in 2014, we have four cohorts of amazing women leaders who come together to share their experiences of doing good! each year we grow the membership through your nominations.


Here are a few testimonials from some of our current members. We hope these inspire you to nominate a colleague or friend to become a member.


“Being welcomed into the PGDG family changed my outlook on Philadelphia. Meeting these women who create meaningful change in various sectors in our city, widened my network and exposed me to new ideas, businesses, and collaboration opportunities. I'm grateful my contributions were recognized in this way, and will continue to be an active part of PGDG—and the lives and careers of those involved —for as long as they will have me!”

–Leigh Goldenberg, Executive Director of Theatre Philadelphia    PGDG 2016


“Philly Girls Do Good: Generations of women activists and advocates, all in one place, with wine. What could be a better way to gather strength for local action to counter the madness (often male madness, just let it be said) gripping our federal government?”

–Kiki Bolender, Founding Principal of Bolender Architects    PGDG 2014


“I have enjoyed having the opportunity to interact with other PGDG members, especially those from different fields or even similar fields but different areas of expertise, we all have a common thread in that we all want to ‘do good.’ PDGDG lets us be open to just listening and learning about the other’s field or challenges and having the opportunity to recognize the similarities or differences and explore them a bit to a mutual benefit.”

–Jill Roberts, Executive Director of the Healthy Rowhouse Project    PGDG 2017


"Being part of PGDG (since the first class) has been a great way to grow and connect with ambitious, active women that want this City to flourish in all sorts of ways--from soul to skyscraper. It's an even better network of professionals that face similar challenges and encourages one to persevere."

–Erike De Veyra, consummate volunteer architect    PGDG 2014


“Becoming a member of the PGDG community has been incredible. I've (finally) met some women I've long admired and have become fans of others. In fact, the latter point has been incredibly rewarding, as I've met several women from industries different from my own, and have grown from conversations, some which have led to exploring collaboration around projects. Each PGDG class is awesome and I'm grateful to be a member of the PGDG Network.”

–Valerie Gay, Executive Director of the Art Sanctuary    PGDG 2017