Why Blog for PGDG! - From Fatima Olivieri

fatima_olivieriI currently live in a building designed by one of the first female architects to be registered in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Fleisher. For me, this discovery was pure happenstance. When I moved to Philadelphia for an architecture job 3 years ago there was a rental housing shortage and the building was close to work and in a nice neighborhood. It wasn't until an old professor from the University of Virginia asked me where I would be living that I learned about the background of my new residence. I became fascinated with the history of the building and tried to learn more about the impact that Elisabeth Fleisher has had in the city. Unless you have prior knowledge of Elizabeth Fleisher or just happen to go into the lobby of my building and read the discreet plaque on the wall, you would never know of this architect’s work. Through my research I was able to learn more about her work, and about other women designers who have had significant impact in the shaping of our city. I was able to combine my love of architecture and writing in an article that highlights the building I live in and Fleisher’s work.  I was able to take her name out of a plaque on the wall and bring it into the minds of readers who might not have known about her impact on the city. This is why I am contributing to Philly Girls do Good!I want to be part of a community that highlights and celebrates the achievements of women in the design & community development fields. As a designer, I am excited to get to know other women who are working hard to positively impact the city we live in. As a writer, I want to share their stories, take them out of the “plaque on the wall” and into the consciousness of readers.

- Fatima