Why Blog for PGDG! - From Morgan Berman

morgan bermanI contribute to Philly Girls Do Good! because it is the perfect outlet to blend my professional interests and skills for a worthy cause. Prior to beginning my Masters in Sustainable Design I was involved in what you could call a retro third wave feminism- I worked as a women's health educator, sexual assault advocate, social worker, and feminist performance director- all my efforts were focused on empowering women and supporting them to make healthier lives for themselves and their families.Growing up in Philadelphia I saw the struggles so many families experienced just to meet their basic needs and the needs of their families. For a long time I focused on helping to fill those needs through services and education. But after several disheartening experiences, I realized I wanted to find a way to address the more systematic cultural and environmental causes for the social and economic decline that created the dysfunction and strife. I also wanted to be able to pursue a career that was more creative and personally rewarding, a difficult task when you are working for struggling nonprofit organizations that lack consistent funding.

Sustainable design feels like the answer to creating healthy communities. A country, city or even neighborhood that is more efficient, more beautiful and more human centered is a really important way to help create a world where the kind of struggles I witnessed become increasingly rare.

Now that I’m working in the built environment and sustainability world, PGDG! is an opportunity to bring two parts of my life together. By celebrating powerful women professionals and the important work they do, we can further all of our efforts to make this a better city for everyone.