Why blog for PGDG! - From Sophia Lee

Sophia_Lee_2012_FletcherWhen I entered Architecture, I assumed the profession entailed only the design and construction of buildings. This all changed in grad school when I had the wonderful opportunity to help coordinate a symposium called “Design Careers Expanded” with former Chair of the Department of Architecture at UVa, Craig Barton and my classmate Lauren Begen. With the changing and slow economy, Craig wanted to inspire the graduating class with the amazing realization that a degree in Architecture can take you so many other places than just buildings. We invited ten alumni with degrees from the UVa School of Architecture who worked in fields as diverse as fashion designGIS DisasterMapping, and Artist/Conservation Biologist.The entirety of this experience blew my mind and my entire perception of architecture. Stand aside buildings: the possibilities for spatial design are endless! I found these stories so inspiring that I desired to explore more creative ways that people apply their design degrees. Perhaps I too could find a way to combine more of my humanitarian, environmental, and social concerns with architecture in unique ways.

When I heard Danielle DiLeo Kim describe the idea of Philly Girls Do Good! at an AIA Associate Committee Monthly Meeting, I instinctively knew that this would be the perfect platform to discover and share more stories. The lens of celebrating women designers in particular just made it even better. I am thrilled that Sylvia and Danielle of Locus Partners are giving me this great opportunity to launch this blog, and I’m excited to see where it will go.

- Sophia