Philly girls do Good "PGDG" celebrates Philadelphia Women leaders in design and community development


Launched by Danielle DiLeo Kim and Sylvia Palms, Philly Girls Do Good is conceived to celebrate and support women leaders in Philadelphia who share our ethic to "do good to all." We began PGDG by nominating a class of women who are making a difference in Philadelphia neighborhoods and invited them to join the inaugural class of PGDG. Through events, conversations, and the PGDG BLOG we communicate our cumulative good works and provide a supportive and empowering community that shares, inspires, and restores.

who are our pgdg members?

Philly Girls Do Good is a community-nominated cohort of women leaders in design and community development. Representing a diversity of organizations, these women are committed to improving the public realm, advancing social and environmental justice, and facilitating the success of local communities and businesses. They devote their professional and personal time toward a better urban experience for all.